【When did you start to hate cooking?】- A morning when the eggs are stuck to the pan? A night when the food residue was left on the pan and couldn't...


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  • 【When did you start to hate cooking?】- A morning when the eggs are stuck to the pan? A night when the food residue was left on the pan and couldn't be cleaned? We know how you feel, so we recommend Caannasweis nonstick pans.
  • 【What makes a good nonstick pan】- Nonstick performance is the key. Only the three-layer nonstick coating can achieve true long-lasting nonstick, Caannasweis nonstick pans are designed for people who cook at high frequencies and can pass 10,000 times wear test.
  • 【Coating security】- Caannasweis always puts safety first, all our products are free of PFOA. Our nonstick pans require less oil or butter for cooking, and minimal detergent for cleaning. Giving you a healthier and easier home culinary experience.
  • 【Natural elements】- Granite coating combined with wood grain handle. We are committed to using these elements to restore the simplest of cooking styles and the most authentic flavors of food. tip: Faux wood handles are not suitable for use in ovens.
  • 【Service guarantee】- Each piece of our products passes strict multi inspection process which gives customers multi guarantee. if you receive a defective product caused by shipping, please contact us through "Your Order" → "Contact Seller" and we will help you.

Product Description


Exquisite detail design

Nonstick marble coating


Rapid heat transfer

Suitable for all stoves


Soft touch handle , anti-scalding

Comfortable grip


Convenient to pour extra oil

Easy to filter liquid

About us

We are a professional cookware supplier. In early 1999, we began to get involved in the most traditional pots and pans. Following the trend of the times, we have gradually expanded to nonstick cookware. At present, our brand, Caannasweis, sells Marble coating cookware Ceramic stoneware Nonstick ceramic cookware sets. To keep quality stable for each batch before packed, staff from the quality control team carry out checks to safeguard the quality of the product. We continue to work hard to bring the most healthy pans and cost-effective cookwares to millions of families.


Check the pan, if find induction bottom of the pan is not smooth, do not put it on your cooktop, or find any scratches on the nonstick pan, do not use it. Our cookware service team will give you immediate support.

Before the first time use, clean the frying pan with detergent or warm water. Then coat a thin layer of oil, and heat the nonstick Teflon pan under 250°F for one minute, wash the nonstick skillet again. Then the cookware could be used normally.

Plastic utensils and wooden tools are more suitable for nonstick pans. And when the cooker is empty, longtime heating is not allowed.


To protect the nonstick frying coating,

Clean the pans with hot water and detergent by cloth or the soft side of the cleaning sponge. Soft dish brushes can also be used for cleaning the utensils.

For cleaning stubborn food stains, it's better to soak the pan in hot water with detergent for a period of time. Dishwasher safe but recommend washing by hand for long lifespan.


Utilizes a stone coating from Germany that achieves non-stick perfection. While remaining 100% free of APEO and PFOA, and the lesser-known chemicals NMP and NEP.

During its design and manufacturing process, we made sure to create a green No-PFOA, No-APEO, No-Lead, and No-Cadmium frying pan for your experience. Caannasweis cookwares are trustworthy.

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